Learn more about wellness projects and initiatives at The Warren Alpert Medical School.

Wellness and Learning Environment Rounds

Wellness and Learning Environment Rounds will enhance student wellness and inform meaningful change within the environment.


Year I Students:

  • Introduce Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for the Learning Environment (ADSA-LE) roles and relevant policies and opportunities related to wellness and learning environment
  • CWO offers optional Wellness and Mental Health Assessment early in the first year
  • CWO holds opt-out Wellness Checks that review personal wellness and provides resources tailored to each student’s needs

Year II Students:

  • ADSA-LE provides regular communication with students around LE policies, procedures and support within Doctoring and the CSC
  • CWO hold opt-in Wellness Checks for year II students

Year III Students:

  • At all core rotations during orientation, clerkship leaders share reminders about wellness and learning environment 
  • CWO meets with students at all core clerkships at the halfway point for wellness assessments and support
  • ADSA-LE meets with students at all core clerkships towards the end of each rotation for check-in and LE support

Year IV Students:

  • Early year class gathering focused on gratitude (wellness) and Positive Champion nominations (LE) while celebrating their achievements as a class
  • Second session around tool-building for responding to LE concerns as training physicians and what they can carry forward in terms of wellness over the years